Product Design and Management

Software product design, development and maintenance are constantly evolving entities, which makes for a very unique challenge. Our experienced team is able to take a simple software product idea and turn it into a prototype, and finally take that prototype and create a live product. We provide a wide range of services including product design, development and maintenance.


Process Visibility Solutions

According to current business trends, process visibility is a vital part of what allows a business to thrive. Process visibility is the collecting of all available data from a specific enterprise and the syncing of this data into a consolidated view. For most software companies, process visibility is difficult to achieve for various reasons.

This type of service typically makes the product too expensive and is too difficult to customize for each and every process within a specific enterprise.

Process Specific applications are not designed to communicate with enterprise applications. Prodistics is able to overcome these challenges and promises to utilize process visibility in order to maximize the effectiveness of our systems.