Prodistics LLC is a Chicago based software company started in 2008. Our founding members have a combined experience of 40 years in developing innovative solutions for varied business environments. Our team of highly experienced engineers will provide your business with the latest and most innovative software solutions, combining hardware and software technology that promises long term reliability.


We have expertise in the following areas of business

Steel Manufacturing and Processing

Chemical Manufacturing and Distribution

Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing and Distribution

Healthcare Software solutions

Insurance Management Systems

Banking and Financial Systems

Jewelry Retail and wholesale

Applications Development for Mobile devices and tablets

Enterprise Web Solutions


  • Use tools, techniques, and technology to add value to your business process
  • Provide integration of various data islands and make this available to our customers anytime, anywhere within the enterprise.
  • Create systems that follows standard software development procedures, which allows for easy usage of the software.


  • We first must understand what the customer requires from our software.
  • Our team then customizes the software in order to fit your business process, rather than require the customer to change the way their business runs based on the system at hand.
  • Our approach also involves enhancing the existing software solution, in order to avoid designing a completely new system.
  • The investment made in our software will allow for significant return to your business. This is our promise.
  • Prodistics takes your investment in our software very seriously, and promise to provide your business with a product of the utmost quality that will allow for a significant return on your investment.


Chok Angappan

As one of the founding members, Chok designed the technical architecture of our product (ePV) and he is our tech evangelist. He has over 20 years of experience in the IT systems development. As a seasoned system designer and architect, he has built systems for banking, insurance, retail, manufacturing, distribution, and health care. His versatile knowledge of system design, combined with his talent in understanding requirements, and ability to solve problems in a cohesive, innovative way are the embodiment of the core pillars behind our product (ePV).


Enterprise Architecture

Software Design & Development

Business Application Pattern Specialist

Product Design

Technical Evangelist


Deepa Soundararajan

Deepa is one of the founding members and heads the operations for our team. She has a over 20 years of experience in building and managing IT systems for higher education, insurance, retail, manufacturing, and distribution. She has 5 years of experience in designing and developing web systems that facilitate graduate student admission work flow, student course registration work flow, educational institute accounting, and finance management. Her vast amount of experience makes her an incredibly integral and versatile member of our team, able to work in multiple facets within a variety of projects.


System Design

Project Management

Technical Mentoring

Infrastructure Management


Chien Kuo Han Ph.D.

Chien-Kuo Han,is a seasoned R&D system designer and developer with over 25 years of experience. He has a B.S. in Physics and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering. He has worked on various complex applications for Panasonic, ATT, IBM, Dow Jones and Motorola. His work on these applications has proven to be incredibly error-free and performance oriented. He is an expert in computer algorithms, image processing, data encryption and security.



Technical Mentoring

Software Design

Software Development

Computer Algorithms

Banuchandar Esakkimuthu

Banu is a process engineer who has an MS in Industrial Engineering, and has an immense talent in process flow analysis. He is expertise includes understanding different processes within a manufacturing environment. In addition, he works on providing process flow diagrams and system requirement specification for the development team, which will then be implemented through our product ePV (Enterprise Process Vision). He coordinates with users and provides production support for the product, which is vital for our clients. His knowledge of system engineering proves to be vital, particularly when it comes to providing specific suggestions for the enhancement of various features for our ePV product.


Process Engineering

Software Development



Production Support


Leah Kunnath

Ms. Kunnath has a strong background in writing, a field in which she is both well educated and experienced. She studied English literature and Creative Writing at Ohio State University, and has also published several articles for various publications around central Ohio. She has worked for Prodistics for the last 3 years, as our technical writer. She is responsible for creating and editing all print and online technical content for our company. Specifically, her duties include drafting various project proposals, mission statements, promotional texts and brochures, as well as editing all our online content. As a technical writer, her duty is to effectively communicate our goals and mission to our clients so that they can fully understand our commitment to providing quality software.


Product user documentation

Brochures and Website Content writer

Technical writing

Reena Kunnath

Reena has over 10 years of experience with customer service, in addition to an incredible amount of experience in financial management and accounting. She is an MS in Physics, and has an additional decade of experience working in the mechanical engineering field. Her unique and versatile set of skills makes her an integral part of our team, particularly for product support for our clients within the manufacturing sector.


Team co-ordination

Customer support

Product Support