Enterprise Process Vision

ePV provides process visibility by using a set of tools, techniques and technologies to allow for data capture, data validation, integration, analysis and reporting.

Business that we work with include:








Health supplement

Warehouse/ Distribution



Multi platform data collection

Online/Offline Data Capture

Interface for Manual/Semi Automated/ Automated Machines

Barcode/RFID Scanning/Printing

Web Reporting

Smart Device Interface (smartphones, tablets, handhelds)



Seamless Data Availability

Elimination of paper based data collection

Integration with Data Islands (including Excel)

Integration of data between floor level production and the business systems

Resource/Process tracking

Production Statistics and Analysis

Process deviation Alerts/Reports

Business alerts for management

Track the quality of your production process


Software Features

The collected data can be synchronized with back end databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle etc on either an offline or online mode. The data can also be easily stored in an Excel spreadsheet or in XML Format. Collected data can be utilized by other applications. The data is then used to create customized reports and can provide alerts that tell you about process deviations. Existing inventory details (from other applications or from an Excel spreadsheet) can also be uploaded onto our Mobile Inventory App. The Mobile Inventory App is an easy to use application, which can be downloaded onto any handheld, tablet, smart phone device.

Portable bar code Printers can be wirelessly connected to any mobile device to print online barcode/RFID labels. Batch printing of Labels is also available.

The Mobile Inventory App can work with other ePV Mobile Suite Applications.