Prodistics Product Management Team can provide services for your product design, development and maintenance. Team has expertise in designing and delivering products for varied business application and multiple platform environments.



Prodistics provides solutions for Process Automation, Process Visibility, Intelligent Data Collection, Application Integration, Device Integration and Dashboard. Our team has varied experience in process automation technologies like Barcode/RFID Tagging, PLC/CNC Integration, disconnected mobile computing.



Prodistics solution combines the intelligent data collection and seamless data analysis and distribution. Aggregating various sources of data and analyzing at multi levels to bring competitive business information for business decisions.



Latest communication technologies like Web, Wireless, Smart Phones allows us to Publish business information and interfaces which will reduce the back office burden and increases the customer service, providing marketing opportunities. Prodistics Information Portal Team will bring innovative graphic designs and delivery model.




ePV Provides Process Visibility solution using set of tools, techniques and technologies for data capture, data validation, data integration, data analysis and reporting.